11/1/90 Sun stellium in Scorpio conjunct Pluto:

Special Issue: Women


10/27/86 the same lineup four years earlier:


David Byrne

Pluto in Scorpio is hidden, intense, mysterious, eh?

11/30/81 Uranus goes into Sag, Jupiter enters Scorpio

Peace Demonstrators

11/21/94 Jupiter stellium conjunct Pluto in Scorpio

The G.O.P. Storms Washington


6/6/83 Sun/Mars conjunction oppose Sag stellium

Cures for Stress

Let’s look at some oppositions and squares, shall we?

2/10/86 Sun stellium square Pluto w/ a dash of Mars

Challenger' Explodes

4/29/91 Potential energy simmers – Jupiter oppose Saturn


Nuclear Power


5/6/91 And blows –


Scientology Exposed


Grand Fixed cross by sign (not degree), Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn

3/16/87 Last week in Pisces

James Baker, William Webster & Frank Carlucci

The end of Jupiter cycle…

3/23/87/ First solar conjunction to Jupiter in its new cycle

The Nature of the Universe


…and the beginning of the next.

7/3/89 Solar eclipse oppose Saturn Neptune conjunction!

The Sun


When does a solar eclipse make the cover of Time? When it happens to be opposing one of the biggest outer planet conjunctions of the decade.

6/10/91 Same Jupiter opposition (directly above) with Mars and Venus on the Jupiter/Leo side

The Nature of Evil












12/15/80 Leading up to Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Libra

Rocky Mountain High

Lots of bright light and blue sky there complementing some Saturn symbols…

Four parallel buildings

12/15/80 …closer
John Lennon

A famous Libra dies.

12/29/80 Now comes the actual conjunction in Libra

Lech Walsea

Obvious Libra equinox/50-50 centered composition. Beginning of the end of the cold war too. Four parallel smokestacks.

3/23/81 Same conjunction opposed by Sun/Mars conjunction three months later

Violent Crime


Yes, Mars oppose Saturn is ugly and violent. Four bad teeth.

11/2/87 Sun conjunct Pluto, Mars oppose Jupiter in Aries:

The Stock Market Crash


Red and black for Mars, Aries, Pluto and Scorpio


4/8/66 Uranus conjunct  Pluto in Virgo, Sun conjunct Mars in Aries, Merc conjunct Saturn in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio,

Is God Dead?


1/16/84 Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio


Africa's Troubles



7/18/88 Mars begins its new cycle in Aries. Mars is Aries is not shy.

Exploring Mars



Seeing a pattern here?

10/25/82 Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra, Mars conjunct Neptune in Sag

Pac Men

2/28/83 Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sag.


Princess Diana

12/3/84 Mercury conjunct Neptune at zero degrees Capricorn America's Banks


Neptune enters the sign of business…

1/23/84 Jupiter conjunct Neptune enters Capricorn

Arthur Rock

2/22/88 Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune in Capricorn!

Americans Are Living Longer


Energy and Freedom conjuncting the sign and planet of old age.

3/14/88 Jupiter, Venus trine same Capricorn stellium from Taurus

Superman at 50


This one has it all…all the symbols are represented – same as the previous power in the sign of aging but add in the exaltation of the Earth trine with the numinous outer-planet buzz.

4/27/81 Taurus stellium

Space Shuttle's First Flight


Interestingly the shuttle is pictured in descent rather than taking off. Taurus is a big fan of returning to Earth safely, and the shuttle’s reusability appeals to practical Taurus.

4/24/00 Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars in Taurus





You get the idea.

1/1/90 Sun, Neptune, Saturn conjunct in Capricorn

Mikhail Gorbachev, Man of the Decade


The color and forms here perfectly illustrate the mood of Neptune in Cap.

3/5/90 Jupiter enters Cancer in 1990




The very antithesis of stoic, serious Capricorn, warm, non-threatening Cancer.

2/18/74 Grand Air Trine – Sun/Jupiter in Aqu, Saturn in Gemini, Pluto in Libra



You’ve got a very Jupiter in Aquarius looking Exxon/Atlas tiger and the wry, whimsical Gemini thing going on with an overall Libra structure. The theme of balance is symbolized quite literally

7/5/93 Cardinal T-Square with Capricorn, Cancer, and Jupiter in Libra

Striking at Terrorism



This is practically a diagram of a T-square.














1/11/93 Uranus Neptune conjunction with Sun, Mercury in Cap

Problems of Megacities


Less impactful than I’d expect but the subject matter and composition get it right, Capricorn is all about the city.

2/8/93 Uranus conjunct Neptune in Cap, Sun conjunct Saturn in Aqu



4/12/93 Aries sun squares same Capricorn conjunction

Information Superhighway


12/20/93 Mars enters Cap

Enough Violence



1/20/97 Sun foreshadows Jupiter, Uranus in Aqu

Where the Jobs Are



2/24/97 Jupiter, Uranus in Aquarius stellium

Echoes of the Holocaust


5/25/42 Sun, Saturn, and Uranus conjunct entering Gemini

Draja Mihailovich


4/15/66 – More peak Sixties: Uranus conjunct  Pluto in Virgo