Astrology of the USA
 In addition to the various other methods of astrocartographic divination, I noticed an interesting pattern when overlaying a zodiacal scheme over a map of the United States.

By vertically bisecting at the Mississippi River (a fair cultural divider for east/west) and horizontally dividing along an axis from San Francisco to Washington DC (good for north/south), I arrived a set of Cardinal points which bear a thematic similarity to the Fixed points on the Zodiac: Washington DC=Leo, SF Bay Area=Aquarius, New Orleans=Taurus, Minneapolis=Scorpio. This makes the crux of the design fall in central Iowa.

As I mapped the rest of the signs, it became more interesting. Notice L.A., Santa Fe and Las Vegas fall into Pisces (the Neptune ruled sign of glamour and illusion). New England falls under fastidious Virgo. San Francisco and Salt Lake City are Aquarian. New York and Washington DC are Leo (power and ego). New Orleans and Houston are Taurus (wealth, rich food, music). Miami, Nashville, and Atlanta are Gemini (CNN, FedEx HQ).

This doesn't seem to work with Western Europe very well. Perhaps this is related to the homogeneity of the population and the uniformity of the westward expansion. Like a crystal lattice grown in a perfect medium, the divine symmetry of the zodiac shows through.

I would say this pattern is about the archetypes which arise from American culture rather than the day to day reality of living in a particular area of the US. In other words, I don't believe this map has much significance in determining events by correlation with astrological transits. What do you think?